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  • 02/11/2021 1:57 PM
    Reply # 10084829 on 4164727
    Nancy Kinder (Administrator)

    The Eventbrite was easy to set up.  I did it in my own name and as a free account since we are not charging for virtual meetings.  That limits the functions, but you can customize the URL, and there are several reports available.  I only needed the attendee list which can be exported in Excel with names and e-mail addresses.

    I found it easier than the website because of its simplicity to set up.  Using the website for events requires that an addministrator has to do it and they need to have the access rights.  The website has the advantage of marketing FWIT at the same time.  I did have the challenge of not having a logo file of a good size for Eventbrite, and all my attempts to edit the official files were in vain! 

  • 02/11/2021 1:29 PM
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    Billie Jean (BJ) Cary (Administrator)

    The Eventbrite platform you used for the San Antonio Group February meeting was easy to use as a registrant.  What did you think about the reports & management from originator side?  How did it compare to having the members register via the FWIT website?  Pros and cons?  

  • 12/10/2020 3:01 PM
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    Nancy Kinder (Administrator)

    The San Antonio Group would like to hear how other groups are handling their monthly meeting notices, RSVPs, and payments for the meetings.  What are the best practices you have used in your group?

    Thank you in advance!

  • 11/30/2017 11:05 AM
    Reply # 5607727 on 4164727

    A couple of website thoughts. It is so hard to find some items! For example, I found this discussion forum on accident (while searching everywhere for the member directory), but when I wanted to locate it again, it took me forever.  I finally stumbled upon it under the News tab, but there is nothing to indicate it's there.  I think it would get more use if it had its own tab.  Additionally, I just spent the last 10 minutes trying to find the membership directory.  It's under Members Only when you click on the tab, but when you hover over that tab, it is not listed as one of the subtopics. I didn't realize (until I tried it) that you could even click on the Members Only tab itself, and it would take you somewhere different. I thought the only things under this topic were the subheadings.  Sorry for rambling, but this was really frustrating! I was just about to give up altogether before I stumbled across these things.     

  • 11/30/2017 10:53 AM
    Reply # 5607720 on 4164727

    Thanks Christina! I will make sure our treasurer is aware of this post and see if we can't try it out.  Appreciate the good information as I know some other groups are also looking for a solution. 

  • 10/27/2017 9:59 AM
    Reply # 5389354 on 4164727
    Deleted user

    Happy Friday Ladies!! in reply to the San Antonio Group, I've attached a link for your Group Treasurer to try.   As Treasurer for the Llano Group we use the WAVE software via Google Chrome to invoice for meals, group dues, etc., and the if you link an acct. your members can pay the invoices directly by credit card.   Several of our members use it and our acct receives their payment in a about a day or two at most.  The fees are as low as 1% of the invoice.   The lowest we've found, especially for direct payment.   I also have a Square account to use for credit card payments at the venue that links to the app in my phone, for a 3% fee.  No contracts or minimum obligations.   You may also set up a group PayPal account.  Message me back for the link to the WAVE software if you'd like to see what it can do.   I don't mind helping you with a little test drive to see if will help your group!!


    Cheers the weekend!! 


  • 07/11/2017 1:59 PM
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    Nancy Kinder (Administrator)

    The San Antonio Group is looking for a credit card payment system to use for our meetings.  Is there anyone out there doing this in their groups?  We reached out to a potential member with Heartland, but their fees for the first year would take 1/3 of our budget and we're not going to do that.  Our members and prospects are asking for this, however, so we want to find an affordable solution.

    Thank you!

  • 07/10/2017 11:30 PM
    Reply # 4967020 on 4164727
    Deleted user

    I just found this and love it!

  • 08/02/2016 2:05 PM
    Reply # 4169572 on 4164727

    Very cool! 

  • 08/02/2016 12:08 PM
    Reply # 4169394 on 4164727
    Cheryl Linder (Administrator)

    Pretty slick! 

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