Lori Victory

FWIT Association President, 2019-2020

Our association has just celebrated its ten year anniversary!  I am so thankful for the group of women who had a vision of an association dedicated to helping women succeed by strengthening leadership skills, offering professional development and creating invaluable networking and mentoring opportunities. We began with five small groups. Today, our great association is flourishing with ten groups and close to 300 members across our great state of Texas.  And all of this is accomplished through women volunteering their time and their resources.

As I reflected on our mission “Helping Women Succeed”, I came across a recent study by Leadership IQ that revealed women set tougher career goals and care more about achieving them than men, but at the same time, women are more likely to let them slide. This has led to my theme for the coming year:

Crossing the Finish Line

My goal is to help our women finish the goals they have set for themselves, professionally and personally. A book by Jon Acuff titled “Finish – Give Yourself the Gift of Done” offers practical ideas for finishing your goals and explains why perfectionism is the number one enemy in getting any goal or project done. My favorite idea covered in the book is Make It Fun if You Want It Done! The author states that perfectionism believes the harder something is, the more miserable something is, the better it is. Perfectionism thinks fun doesn’t count. And that is a lie. Fun not only counts, but it’s necessary if you want to beat perfectionism and get to the finish.

Our FWIT leadership forums, annual conferences and group meetings are the perfect examples of having fun while getting it done. We come together in fellowship and take the word “work” out of networking. We create a safe environment for women to be transparent with one another. We don’t compete, we collaborate.

I look forward to serving you in the days ahead, crossing the finish lines with you, and having fun!



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