“You can try again tomorrow.”  

A familiar phrase used by parents, teachers, and even grandparents when children miss the goal of a new daily activity, better behavior, or learning step.  

The younger the child, the bigger the disappointment they seem to feel in themselves, and “You can try again tomorrow” is the reassurance that they will get another chance to reach the goal, learn that step, and “be better”.

Who doesn’t want to be better?  We all do!  And who of us hasn’t felt that pang of disappointment when we haven’t met our goal, learned something as well as we might, or even not behaved as we know we should have?  We all have!

Joe Callaway’s third simple truth is “be better tomorrow than you were today.”  Constant improvement will give us a competitive edge but he adds that it is not as easy as it sounds.  He recommends that we focus on improvement as a daily process.  Think about it in terms of individual activities such as a meeting.  Maybe it didn’t go as well as it could have.  So how can we make the next meeting more efficient and more effective?  That meeting can be better tomorrow than it was today. 

* Keep It Simple, Joe Callaway.  © 2016 by Joe Callaway, published by Simple Truths, an imprint of Sourcebooks, Inc., Naperville, Illinois.


Nancy Kinder
FWIT Association President
2017 - 2018



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