We’re constantly looking for ways to improve.  To do that, we often encourage ourselves and others to “think outside the box”.  We want to be innovative; we want to appeal to any and all so that they will all want to do business with us; we want to stand out from the crowd. 

We need to stop and think about what really matters.  What things bring value to our customers?  If those things bring value to our customers, those things will also appeal to others.  As we think of the things that bring value to our customers it becomes obvious that the basics of our business – no matter what our business is – are what really matter.

Joe Calloway says,

You want a WOW Factor? Here’s the ultimate WOW Factor: deliver on the customer’s most basic expectations better than everyone else and do it every single time.

List the three to five most basic things that your customers expect from you. Pick one. Improve your performance on that basic expectation by 20 percent. Then move on to the next expectation and improve on that by 20 percent. Do this constantly and forever.

You win. Game over.

And that’s his 4th Simple Truth:  Win Inside the Box

• • •

Joe Calloway is a performance coach and advisor who helps great companies get even better. Joe is the author of the new book, Be the Best at What Matters Most, and four other ground-breaking business books including Becoming A Category of One: How Extraordinary Companies Transcend Commodity And Defy Comparison, which received rave reviews from The New York Times, Retailing Today, Publishers Weekly and many others. He regularly covers a variety of topics on his website (www.joecalloway.com)

* Keep It Simple, Joe Callaway.  © 2016 by Joe Callaway, published by Simple Truths, an imprint of Sourcebooks, Inc., Naperville, Illinois.


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