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2020 was an unprecedented year full of unexpected plot twists, however the women of FWIT were successful in Crossing the Finish Line and celebrated in Houston at our 2021 Annual Conference. After challenging times and personal or professional milestones, there is often a pause before life goes on. The pause is an inflection point where many often think “what now”.

This post-pandemic inflection point is where the idea for this year’s theme Choose Your Next began.

While the variables of life cannot be controlled, each of us can actively choose our attitudes, goals, and level of investment in ourselves and others. These choices individually are our “next”.

Financial Women in Texas is here to support you and your personal Next by:

  • Bringing together women in finance for the exchange of ideas, experiences and interests;
  • Furthering the meaningful professions or careers of its members and women in general;
  • Encouraging women to choose finance as a career and to advance the career opportunities for all women in finance; and
  • Serving as an advocate of, and to promote improvements in the professional development, leadership skills, education and training of women in finance.

It is an honor to serve as your 2021-2022 FWIT Association President. Whether you are just beginning your career in finance, or are retired and committed to helping other women succeed, I look forward to our year together as you Choose Your Next!

Hazel Davis




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