Ten year’s ago, when our predecessor, Financial Women International, made the difficult decision to disband the organization, a group of strong, successful women in Texas said “No!”  They weren’t willing to give up all the benefits of an association dedicated to helping women succeed by strengthening leadership skills, offering professional development, and creating invaluable networking and mentoring opportunities.


So, with the help of Chris Williston and IBAT, Financial Women in Texas was formed.  What began with five small groups, is still proudly going strong with ten groups and over 300 members across our great state.  A key component of our success was the fact that we expected to thrive and succeed.  In essence, “We Expected to win!” 


My theme for the coming year to honor and celebrate our 10 year anniversary, is “Expect to Win.”  I believe we are all able to set ourselves up for success by cultivating the desire to succeed, the commitment to go the distance and the willingness to do whatever it takes for a successful outcome. 


Our FWIT leadership forums, annual conferences and group meetings are all wonderful opportunities to come together to learn and grow both personally and professionally.  We are then equipped and empowered to go back to our businesses and our careers, stronger and better than before – “Expecting to Win” in our jobs and in life!


A book by John Mason titled “Expect to Win – It’s Never to Late to Achieve Your Goals” contains many quotes from successful people drvien by the desire to win. One particular quote from Richard Huseman stands out to me.  “Be driven by excellence.  To be driven by excellence means that at the end of each day, each month, and each year, we must ask ourselves an important question:  Have we demanded enough of ourselves and by our example inspired those around us to put forth their best effort to achieve their greatest potential?”  To me, this is exaclty what FWIT and our mission of “Helping Women Succeed” is truly all about.


 Judy Helm

FWIT Association President




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