Over the recent holiday season and with the tasks that come with the end of one year and the beginning of 2018 added to all the things we do throughout the year, it’s been hard for all of us to Keep It Simple.

I found three simple rules to Keep It Simple in Joe Callaway’s book*.  The first rule is to focus on what is essential, which for FWIT is helping women succeed.  The second rule is to remember who we are.  We are a professional organization of women in the financial services industry with further definition provided in our objectives and purpose.

The third rule boils down to clear the space.  Have you ever looked in your refrigerator or your closet or pantry for something you know is there but you just can’t find it?  How many times have we thought, “I have GOT to clean out that refrigerator / pantry / closet!!!”?

Callaway says, “In life we periodically need to simplify and get focused by doing a version of cleaning out the refrigerator.  One of the most powerful things we can do is let go of those things that are complicating our lives and getting in the way of what we really want.”

FWIT’s Partner in Success, Keith Hughey, often talk about things we need to start doing, things we need to keep doing, and things we need to stop doing.  Maybe it’s because we’ve always done it that way, or maybe it’s because we just haven’t stopped to think about what we should stop doing.  It’s very difficult to accomplish our goals unless we have cleared a space for them to happen.

Callaway lists the top ten things people have identified that they need to let go.  Think about what you need to let go of:

  • Waiting for someone else to fix it
  • Worrying about things over which I have no control
  • Trying to make something work that’s never going to
  • Avoiding that person who I know I need to have a conversation with
  • Trying to do everything perfectly
  • Wasting time with negative people
  • Hoping that the person causing the problem will somehow miraculously change
  • Putting off the decision I know I should make right now
  • Procrastinating
  • Dwelling on what’s wrong rather than making it right

It’s time – Remove the clutter.  Clear the space you need to get focused on what is truly important and productive for you.  Remember “less is more”.  Keep It Simple.

*Keep It Simple, copyright 2016 by Joe Callaway


Nancy Kinder
FWIT Association President
2017 - 2018



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