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In the summer of 2022, I was privileged to attend a presentation by Jess Esktrom , Founder of Headbands of Hope, as she shared her personal story of unwavering passion, enormous obstacles, and finally triumph as her dream became a reality. Jess shared one strategy for success she used was to 'Map' her route plan from point A to point B, in order to achieve her goal, which was nothing similar to a straight line, but included many twists and turns, road blocks, and stops along the way. Her map strategy was the visual that inspired the basis for the theme this year.

As members of Financial Women in Texas, we all have both personal and professional aspirations in life as we Go The Distance to achieve our goals. Many may be reachable short-term, while others may take years and extraordinary effort to accomplish. Map Your Field of Dreams to reach your destination with some, then replace them with new ideas.

Allow Financial Women in Texas to support your journey!  We should always keep dreaming.                   

Melody Hess, FWIT 2022-2023 Association President

Financial Women in Texas is here to support you by:

  • Bringing together women in finance for the exchange of ideas, experiences and interests,
  • Furthering the meaningful professions or careers of its members and women in general,
  • Encouraging women to choose finance as a career and to advance the career opportunities for all women in finance, and
  • Serving as an advocate of, and to promote improvements in the professional development, leadership skills, education and training of women in finance.




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