FWIT 2022 Scholarship Information

One of the benefits of FWIT membership is the opportunity to obtain scholarships for furthering your education,

studying for an additional credential, or attending a professional conference –

all ways to enhance and promote your career and help you succeed. 

All FWIT members in good standing who did not receive an Association Scholarship (Education or Conference)

during the previous year are eligible to apply. 

Applications are posted on the website each year and publicized via email, local Group leadership and social media.

In 2022 the Association will award two general education scholarships and

10 scholarships to our own FWIT Conference 2022 – Choose Your Next.

The 2022 Association General Education Application is now available!

Two scholarships in the amount of $1,000 each are available. 

Deadline for receipt of the application is midnight on Friday, February 28, 2022.

Winners will be notified by e-mail no later than March 25, 2022.

FWIT 2021 Scholarship Winners

General Education Scholarship Winners

General Education Scholarships are offered annually by FWIT to promote improvements in the professional development, leadership skills, education and training of women in the financial services industry and to bring together women in the financial services industry for the exchange of ideas, experiences, and interests.

In April of 2021 the Association awarded two (2) general education scholarships, in the amount of $1,000 each, for attendance at any educational offering of the applicant’s choice.

Lindsey Dickerson

Lindsey is Senior Auditor at Eide Bailey, LLP and is a member of the Big Country Group of FWIT.  Lindsey will be using her scholarship to fund her 3-part Certified Internal Auditor examination.  In her application, she stated “By attaining the Certified Internal Auditor Certification, I will be well rounded in my career. I currently work as an internal auditor, however by becoming certified it will show my wealth of knowledge in this career field.  My long-term goal is to continue to learn and be more knowledgeable within the public accounting industry, specifically internal auditing. The more education and certifications under my belt molds me into a better auditor and more opportunities to climb the ladder in my career.”

Lindsey has been an FWIT member since the Group was founded in Abilene 6 years ago.  She serves as the President of the Big Country Group and is in her second term.

Congratulations, Lindsey!  We feel sure the future holds great things for you!

Alexa (Lexi) Vannatta

Lexi is an Assistant Vice President in Treasury Management with First Financial Bank and is a member of the Big Country Group. Lexi will use her FWIT General Education Scholarship in preparation to become a Certified Treasury Professional (CTP).  In her application, Lexi stated that “becoming a CTP not only applies to my current role in the treasury department at my bank, but any future, more advanced position as well. In fact, the next position I would like to strive for requires this certification. Becoming a Certified Treasury Professional will give me the tools and additional knowledge to make critical decisions for my department and the company.”

Lexi’s involvement in the Big Country Group began in 2019.  She now serves as Secretary of the Big Country Group.  Lexi’s application stated “I have been nothing but impressed with this group of women. They have surpassed my expectations of networking, educating, supporting and exploring what we can do to better ourselves as humans, women and as professionals.”

Congratulations, Lexi!  It sounds like you are making great progress on your goals and we are glad FWIT can help in that journey!

Conference Scholarship Winners

In 2020 the Association awarded 10 scholarships to attend our 11th Annual Conference: FWIT Conference 2020  –  Crossing the Finish Line.  Five of these scholarships were offered to first-time FWIT Conference attendees.  The remaining five scholarships were awarded to members who had previously attended a FWIT Association Conference.  The value of each scholarship was in the amount of the Early Bird registration of $400.  With the pivot to a Mini-Conference for 2020, winners were given the option of transferring those scholarships to the 12th Annual Conference in 2021.  In April 2021, active members were invited to apply for an additional 10 Conference Scholarships. The following members were awarded the Conference Scholarships. 

First Time Attendees:    

Wendy Albers, San Antonio Group

Aydee De Leon, Houston Group

Miranda Fortenberry, Llano Estacado Group

Kristin Graham, East Texas Group

Chrysti Peterson, Dallas Group

Natalie Torbet, Houston Group

Jenny Turner, Paso del Norte Group

Jasmin Valles, Llano Estacado Group

Jennifer Wilson, Houston Group

Returning Attendees:   

Jennifer Friesz, Houston Group

Melody Hess, Gulf Coast Group

Xochi Jimenez, Austin Group

Cheryl Linder, Gulf Coast Group

Barbara McMillen, Paso del Norte Group

Pam Mitchell, East Texas Group

Ellen Parsons, Hill Country Group

Laura Rogers, East Texas Group

Courtney Yeatman, Paso del Norte Group  

Congratulations to all our scholarship recipients! 

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