FWIT 2021 Scholarship Information

The 2021 Association General Education Scholarship Application is now available.

Download the application here!   

Applications must be submitted by midnight February 26, 2021.

FWIT 2019-2020 Scholarship Winners

One of the benefits of FWIT membership is the opportunity to obtain scholarships for furthering your education, studying for an additional credential, or attending a professional conference – all ways to enhance and promote your career and help you succeed.  All FWIT members in good standing who did not receive an Association Scholarship (Education or Conference) during the last year are eligible to apply.  Applications are posted on the website each year and publicized via email, local Group leadership and social media.

This year the Association awarded two general education scholarships and 10 scholarships to our own FWIT Conference 2020 – Crossing the Finish Line.

The applications have been submitted and judged and the winners announced!

General Education Scholarship Winners

General Education Scholarships are offered annually by FWIT to promote improvements in the professional development, leadership skills, education and training of women in the financial services industry and to bring together women in the financial services industry for the exchange of ideas, experiences, and interests.

In April of this year the Association awarded two (2) general education scholarships for attendance at any educational offering of the applicant’s choice in the amount of $1,000 each. 

  Jessica Lovell is Director of Customer Relations at First National Bank Texas and is a member of the Houston Group of FWIT.  Jessica will be using her scholarship to pursue a BBA degree at Sam Houston State University this fall.

In her application, she stated  “It is important that I finish my degree for myself, but also for my children.  I want to show them the importance of education as well as the importance of finishing something you start.”

Jessica is a new FWIT member, having joined in Aug 2019, but she has already attended the 2019 Annual Conference in Pflugerville, as well as Board conference calls and local Group events.  She is also serving on the Host Committee for FWIT Conference 2020. Jessica stated “FWIT has also opened my eyes to facets of finance that I had not been exposed to prior (legislative update at conference). I truly believe that FWIT will help increase my knowledge level of our financial markets and their different aspects. Working with other like-minded women is also empowering and motivating. My first ever event was last year’s Conference, and I truly felt at home. I look forward to what the future holds for me with FWIT!” 

Congratulations, Jessica!  We feel sure the future holds great things for you!

  Kassidy Nygaard is a Financial Advisor with Edward Jones and is a member of the Big Country Group. Kassidy will use her FWIT General Education Scholarship to assist in covering the $4,000 program cost and related  transportation and lodging expenses for the Leadership Women Texas  (LWT) program which is a non-profit women's organization dedicated to developing female leaders in the United States.  She is one of 90 women who have been accepted into the program for 2020. 

Regarding participation in the LWT program, Kassidy stated, “My main focus is on personal growth and development. This will serve to build my confidence and leadership skills, and to help me create more positive change in my community of Abilene. I am also creating a network of female leaders and changemakers with influence up to the state level in many different areas of expertise, including the financial services industry. In addition, I will learn more about Texas' infrastructure, issues our state and communities are facing, and how those challenges are being resolved.”

Kassidy’s involvement in the Big Country Group of FWIT began in 2019.  She has attended the monthly luncheons to learn more about the organization and gave a presentation on estate planning at a recent Group luncheon. She is interested in participating on the board of the Big Country Group in the upcoming year and looks forward to learning more about opportunities on the Association level. Kassidy stated “My long-term goal is to continue building my career by fostering a network of women leaders around me so we can contribute to one another's growth. I also am passionate about serving my community and want to find more opportunities to do so. The group of women I have met and associated with through FWIT is already helping me reach my goals by educating and building one another up, and being associated with involved leaders opens my eyes to new ways I can help the community.”

Congratulations, Kassidy!  It sounds like you are making great progress on your goals and we are glad FWIT can help in that journey.

Conference Scholarship Winners

This year the Association awarded 10 scholarships to attend our 11th Annual Conference: FWIT Conference 2020  –  Crossing the Finish Line.  Five of these scholarships were offered to first-time FWIT Conference attendees.  The remaining five scholarships were awarded to members who had previously attended a FWIT Association Conference.  The value of each scholarship was in the amount of the Early Bird conference registration of $400.

And the winners are:

First Time Attendees:    Becky Foster, Houston Group

                                                Patrice Reese, Llano Estacado Group

                                                Mary Tillis, Houston Group

                                                Kristin Graham, East Texas Group

                                                Rachel Upchurch, East Texas Group

Returning Attendees:    Kathy Holloman, Gulf Coast Group

                                                Ellen Parsons, Hill Country Group

                                                Lynn Ford, East Texas Group

                                                Jennifer Friesz, Houston Group

                                                Xochi Jimenez, Austin Group

Congratulations to this year’s winners!  Next year it could be you!

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